Affiliate Programs is the Effective Way to Promote Online Casino


Affiliate Program is the ideal means to attract clients when starting a casino. When affiliates discuss credible and insightful information about various online casinos on their sites, they draw significant attention from a broad audience.

Usually, the affiliates are rewarded for bringing customers to casinos in a couple of ways: through cost per acquisition (CPA) or revenue sharing (Revshare).

The size of the CPA commission may vary significantly from $25 to $500, based on the traffic and its quality that the affiliate website can generate for your casino. The % of revshare varies usually from 20% to 40% from NGR (Net-gaming of the casino).

Casino operators attempt to be flexible in regard to the commissions, raising it as the amount of incoming traffic grows from the affiliate.

CPA signifies a payment model for internet marketing when the payment is made for specific players' activities on the internet casino site. For example registration, deposit, subscription on newsletter, installation of the application. 

Arranging relationships with webmasters

The casino owner enrolls in the advertisements network and agrees about the fiscal terms and conditions of collaboration and finishes an agreement.

An account manager sends out an offer to get a specialized endeavor to some webmaster. A message includes a proposition for the marketing of an internet casino. The proposition items contained in the offer can fluctuate, based upon the advertising system. Usually, the following information is requested: targeted action (CPA), amounts of traffic, processing period (hold), type of traffic, sources of traffic, geo, kind of integration (such as through postback-request), earnings performance, contract form, etc. 

After completing and sending the offer, the supervisor puts the suggestion on a directory in which it's going to be accessible for webmasters to pick.

If webmasters want to know more about the deal, they'll offer their site's services for submitting the casino's advertisement. The consented sites are assigned particular affiliate links, which help monitor traffic.

After launching the affiliate offers, the casino owner assesses for orders placed via the webmaster hyperlinks. If orders fulfill all of the prerequisites of the deal, the advertiser affirms them and the webmaster receives a fee.

Marketing CPA Networks

Affiliate networks are specific platforms in which publishers and operators meet. Such marketplaces of offers are suitable since they save an advertiser a job of needing to look for webmasters on their very own and negotiate separately. All communications occur inside one platform. Each advertiser is delegated with a supervisor (account manager) who'll answer questions and resolve any issues. The system provides advertisers with orders and therefore makes it feasible to make money by webmasters, and guarantees there are no offenses and fraud. To prevent cheating, advertising networks incorporate anti-fraud systems. Advertising networks, charge a commission or a sales share for their solutions, and the particular amount is dependent upon the network and the range of services provided based on an arrangement.

Infointsale provides a few advertisements networks to promote your online gambling project. The CPA networks introduced below to collaborate with advertisers on several verticals, including gambling. Casino owners are able to put out their offers and also entice new players into the site.

Advertise network applications enable an advertiser to track the number of clicks and registrations and delegate them into the ideal partners with a chance of creating action reports and creating payouts. Presently, over 30,000 companies trust Advertise network because of their option for affiliate programs.

Another platform Gambling combines offers from leading European online gambling operators. Affiliate commissions are paid as CPA or as a sales share of their monetized traffic. When functioning under the Revenue Share strategy, payments hit from 25 to 40 percent of NGR.

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