Different Types of Online Casino Gamification


We all know that online casinos offer all the popular games found in land-based venues. From classic and modern slots to card and table games, online casinos are a perfect spot to enjoy gambling without taking a trip to Vegas. Some of them even offer a concept known as gamification. It will vary from casino site to casino site and represents a concept that engages players and motivates them to return for more.

Proven Mechanisms of Gamification

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty or VIP programs are among the most common types of gamification you can find in online casinos. To put it simply, these programs reward the casino site’s most loyal players. The more time you spend in a casino depositing and playing, the more perks you will enjoy.

These programs are either point-based or require you to opt-in or get an invitation. If they’re based on points, you will get a single or several points for each bet you make. As soon as you accumulate a nice portion, you will enjoy a slew of perks and bonuses, and promotions. The points may also be exchanged for free spins and other types of gifts.

If it’s an invitational program, you should keep depositing and playing to get an invite via email. Some VIP programs require you to opt-in to enter and enjoy perks and custom-tailored rewards.

Goals and Missions

Some online casinos feature a different yet very creative type of gamification through goals and missions. In the simplest terms, a casino site may feature specific goals you need to achieve to get a reward. You know – just like in video games. Completing these missions and objectives will usually result in a juicy prize that can span perks, cash rewards, or free spins.

Leaderboard Tournaments

If you’re good at a game, would you enter a tournament? Many online casinos feature tournaments with leaderboards and juicy prizes for those who top it. You will earn points for each bet you make on specified games that will allow you to climb the ladder. The higher up the leaderboard you climb, the bigger and better the rewards.

RPG Slots

RPG slots are an interesting gamification feature that’s pretty common in 2020. These allow you to go on a hero’s quest like in the best RPG video games while also staying true to slot games. RPG slots are most likely the next step in gamification and immersive gameplay.


Gamification is a fairly new concept that’s looking to expand the casino industry in ways it has never expanded before. It enables a more immersive experience and will continue moving forward as technology advances. With more and more software providers turning to, we expect more video-game like elements to flood online casinos.

All these missions, goals, objectives, or leaderboards are a perfect tool to keep players engaged. In the end, it’s a win-win for everyone – the casinos make more money from players, and players enjoy an immersive and unique gaming experience.

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