Everything You Need to Know About Bingo



Online casinos of today have a wide range of games, including slots, table games, live games, and many others. However, bingo is one of those classics that always makes this diverse cast truly complete. 

In this short guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about bingo games and why they deserve a place in every casino game offering.


The Long Story of Bingo Games

Most people imagine older people in a massive room when bingo is involved, but the game is so much more today. This is especially true when you consider that there are so many online variations that still attract a large number of players, both young and old. 

That’s because bingo games are similar to lotteries. That’s because, with most bingo games, players need to pick a sequence of numbers and hope that the same numbers will be selected. This is how the game has worked in the offline world in the past and how it works today. 

It began in the early 16th century when a bingo-like game was played in Italy called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Over time, the game spread to other regions, most notably France and soon after Germany, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. 

However, bingo was popularized in the US much later, in the 1930s. It was introduced by a man called Edwin S. Lowe. He is also responsible for the name of the game. During the time, people in America played a type of bingo game where they marked cards and yelled beano when they won. Lowe misheard them and thought they said bingo, hence the modern name of the game. 

His venture proved to be very lucrative over time, and his company kept making bingo cards for decades to come. That same company also made another popular game — Yahtzee. 


Types of Bingo Games

Many differences separate bingo games, but the main one is the number of balls used. The more balls are used, the lower the likelihood of a player winning. Here are the main types of bingo games based on the number of balls:

  • 30-ball — Involves 3x3 bingo cards, and the gameplay is very fast.

  • 75-ball –– The classic bingo game with 5x5 cards where each group of 15 numbers represents one letter in the word BINGO.

  • 80-ball — Played on 4x4 cards and includes various additions like horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines and patterns like the four corners. 

  • 90-ball — This version is popular in the UK, and it’s played on 3x5 cards.


Bingo Variations

As the popularity of bingo never waned, numerous variations were developed. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Death Bingo — In this variation, the player needs to be the last to get all the numbers to win.

  • U-Pick-Em Bingo — Includes an exciting element where players get to pick numbers instead of using a premade card.

  • Horse Racing Bingo — The game is played with 15 players at the most, and the winner is the one who gets all of their numbers called out first.

  • Blackout Bingo — Players have to cover every field on the ticket to win.

  • Math Bingo — A useful game in schools as it requires players to solve a math formula to get a number.

  • Bingo Bonanza — Players get 43 numbers, and the jackpot rises as the game progresses.


Bingo Games Outside of the World of Gambling

As you can likely guess, especially considering the variations we’ve covered, bingo exists outside of the gambling industry as well. 

Churches and other organizations use the game to raise money for charity, while some schools use it to teach children math and improve their memory. 

In the end, retirement homes offer the game to their residents for the older people there to have a bit of fun and to socialize.


Why Should Your Online Casino Include Bingo Games?

Every online casino needs to offer as many modern games as it can, and casino owners need to go with the times. But there is still a large portion of players who love classic games, including various bingo games. 

By including bingo in your games catalog, you’ll appeal to a large and diverse player base that will also be interested in other games you offer. 

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