Overview of Kenya's Gambling Market


Kenya is a country in Sub-Saharan Africa and gambling is legal there. In fact, the huge development of casino and gambling operators in Kenya over the past couple of years has branded this country a reasonable mark of a gambling country.

PWC's 2014-2018 betting forecast analyzed the development of the gaming industry in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, and estimated total market size in the three countries at $37 billion. The report noted that many young people used cell phones for betting. Kenya was rated at 96 percent for using mobile phones for gaming, while South Africa had the lowest estimate of 48 percent.

PWC experts predict that in conditions of increasing competition the gross income of the gambling industry in the next 3 years will reach 50 billion.

Kenyan legal landscape

The Kenyan Gambling Act was created in 1966 with the passage of the Lotteries and Gambling Act. This council issues permits for gambling and enforces the rules in most sectors of gambling.

It preserves 21 gambling, 128 lunch table games, 908 gambling, slot machines, and video poker machines. Currently, the largest casino in Nairobi is called Flamingo Casino and includes 15 board games, two poker tables, 160 gambling, and video poker machines.

Officially lotteries, bingo, poker, sports gambling, and online gaming are state monopolies, however, given the huge amount of corruption and bribes that happen every day, it is really hard to tell the real picture.

Until last year, there was a state online casino called betkenya.com, but the site suddenly disappeared. With the advent of numerous foreign websites on the market, Kenyan online casino players quickly found a replacement. The Kenyan government does not block foreign gambling websites, so the "banned" online casinos and sportsbooks are very appreciated by Kenyan payers. The government has also recently started issuing licenses for online bookies.

The digitization and increased use of mobile phones around the world have paved the way for online gaming that offers the younger generation, using minimal cost, quick and easy access to a wide range of gambling opportunities through private gadgets such as phones, laptops, tablets from virtually anywhere in the world.

Sports betting in Kenya

Based on GeoPoll's series of studies aimed at developing sports gambling on the African continent, Kenya has the highest diversity of gambling in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and sports betting is the most widely known type of betting. The study also found that the average amount spent on betting is less than US$50 per month, despite the fact that about 20 percent of Kenyans live on less than US$1.25 a day.

The Kenyan sports business abounds in sports such as football, softball, volleyball, cricket, tennis, and more, controlling sports enthusiasts so that they can indulge their favorite players and teams in gambling.

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