Money-line Odds Explained


Obviously, the US or American odds are used mainly in the USA.

The minus signal is counted for the favorites and indicates the amount of money to bet to win $100. The plus signal is credited to the losers' account and indicates the amount of gain for every $100. The amount of the first bet is added to the total winnings.

The greater the difference between the odds of the favorites and the losers, the higher the probability of these favorites winning.

As an example, let us say that the following chances of winning the money line are on one of the online betting platforms for the NHL Washington Capital and Pittsburgh Penguins teams.

Chances on the money line +230, provided by the bookmaker for the underdog Pittsburgh, imply that the probability of winning the match by Pittsburgh is not likely (about 40 percent), and if Pittsburgh wins, the bookmaker can earn 230 dollars to the rate of 100 dollars. The entire yield in this case would be equal to $330.

Washington is registered as a favorite, and their probability of winning according to this bookmaker is much higher. According to the probability, a $310 bet would create a win of $100 if Washington wins. All winnings will be $410 (the first bet is $310 winnings of $100).

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