What Are Online Casino Loyalty Programs?

online casino loyalty programs

What’s the most important thing for online casinos besides attracting new customers? That’s right – retaining the services of existing players. Welcome offers are great for newcomers but existing players would surely love something a bit more. That’s where loyalty schemes come in. To retain the services of loyal players, online casinos treat them like VIPs.

How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

There are a few different types of VIP programs depending on the casino. Nearly all of them feature tiers players can climb on – the higher their status, the meatier the prizes. In general, most casinos use a point-based program. The more players deposit and play, the more points they’ll get and with them, they can get their hands on pretty nice prizes.

On the other hand, some online casinos hand loyalty points that can later be converted to cash at a specific rate. Unsurprisingly, the conversion rate is better for higher VIP levels.

How Does a Player Become a VIP?

That’s pretty simple. All online casinos have clear guidelines about becoming a VIP. Most are pretty straightforward about it – the VIP/Loyalty section offers more information on what it takes to become a VIP.  Others, however, have invitational VIP programs available only to selected customers that get invited via email.

Can Anyone Become a VIP?

Sure! Of course, high rollers that spend thousands in online gambling projects are a lock for loyalty programs, but others can start slowly and work their way up the tiers. In point-system based programs, web casinos often use special gambling software that will keep a note of player progress over time and adjust their VIP status accordingly.

What Are the Advantages of Loyalty Programs?

VIP programs are the spot where the absolute best awards can be found. It’s not just about a dreamy tropical vacation or a new ride – these programs usually offer benefits that will make players stay in that particular casino.

From faster customer service and withdrawals to birthday presents and customized rewards, loyalty programs are unique any way you look at them. All of them feature a personal account manager as well which will make a player feel special and make their time in the casino much more enjoyable and simpler.

Of course, those who are lucky to enter a loyalty scheme will also get their hands on exclusive regular promotions and possibly even VIP tournaments with prizes through the roof.


How Do You Spice Up VIP Programs?

Continuous upgrades and adding new prizes are the right things to do when it comes to loyalty programs. Players love to see unique rewards instead of getting the usual all the time. Free spins are great, but you earn them on a regular basis, so they’re kind of redundant in loyalty programs.

Furthermore, make sure to target the right public. Loyal players are vital to your casino, but casual players deserve a spot too, especially those who tend to spend more.

Finally, make sure to promote your VIP program properly online. Catchy phrases and proper targeting come into play if you want to attract new players and increase your revenue.

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