What is a White Label Casino?

white label casino

The first instance related to software services provided under the term White Label goes back to 2001. In that period of time, many companies started providing re-branded versions of their sites to their clients. By doing so they not only created a new version of their brands but also enabled their customers to sell their products and earn a commission. Taking a cue from the success of this business model, white label casino software was launched by online gaming developers. The white label casino as the name suggests provides an effective and affordable solution for the creation of online casinos.

White Label Casino Explained

White label casino is a software solution provided by reputed online gaming developers which allows an interested operator to create an online casino in the shortest period and without incurring high costs. Under this affiliate program, the parent company allows the operator to take full benefit of creating a fully functional website by using its domain. The most striking feature of this service is that an operator is not required to seek employees; create content for the casino; or get a license. By opting for white label casino service, one can forego tensions related to recruitment and supervision while ensuring quality assurance all of the time. Opting for such services from a reputed online software company not only helps the subsidiary to have a suitable gaming platform in the shortest time but also helps in creating a gaming strategy as per the requirement.  

Package of Services Provided by White Label      

While opting for services by a reputed white label casino company one can expect to get a whole package which may include the following.

  • A preapproved gambling license
  • Gaming software
  • Casino website
  • Services related to payments and deposits
  • Solution related to marketing
  • Website content and gaming products
  • Customer care service and legal support

It is quite common that obtaining a gambling license from the authorities can quite challenging as it consumes a lot of time and requires huge investments. If you opt for the service provided by white label casino then you can forego all of these requirements and have nothing to do with legalities related to this business.

Advantages of White Label Casino

The main advantages related to white label casino involves the following.

  • Prompt Service: By opting for such services you can launch a casino within a couple of weeks instead of several months.
  • Ready-to-Use Product: The white label casino comes in a ready-to-use format which makes it a source of income from the beginning of the project.
  • Low-Cost Input: Launching a casino by using this product requires a much lesser amount of money in comparison to creating a casino on your own.
  • Coverage of Large Expenses: To protect the subsidiary, all the large payments that include jackpots are made by the parent company.

Who Requires White Label Services

All the entrepreneurs who have the ambition to launch an online casino in the shortest time without splurging a large number of monies are the ideal persons to opt for such services. By opting for white label casino one can have a clear view of the potential of the project in spite of small budget earmarked for the marketing. It is also suitable for the operators which have a good financial backup but the services offered by their earlier projects are outdated.

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