Innovative gambling software by Infointsale

Our offline/online gambling software is aimed at solving business tasks for entrepreneurs, who want to capitalize on the gambling market. Our company offers the most original and unconventional solutions. We develop the best gambling software for casinos, bookmakers, and lottery terminals. Our products can be used both in offline and online projects. The software can be installed on terminals, mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

Our products and services allow you to enter the market with minimum investment, without having to buy expensive equipment. Instead, just buy our gambling software, that will be integrated and customized for your needs.


How to choose gambling software

So, you’ve already decided, that you want to work in the gambling field. However, where do you start? With your personal tasks and wishes in mind, we can choose the best solution for your company and consult you on how to start and run the business. By choosing our products, you get 24/7 technical support that will timely answer your questions and solve problems, should any occur in regard to our software.

As you might’ve noticed, all our products are divided into 2 types: «ready-made» solutions with complete infrastructure, plug-in modules, and ready to use the software, which will be enough to start a business from scratch, and also we offer services, that can be integrated into already existing and working projects.


What services do we offer to our clients

Each international gambling software provider for casinos and bookmakers offers its own original solutions, and more often than not they’re quite expensive. On the other hand, we offer high-quality and time-tested products, that are meet all standards of international Gaming Commissions. Our products include:

  • Solutions for betting shops. Ready-made software products, aimed at small venues, gambling halls, and betting shops.
  • Solutions for terminals. All sorts of terminal software that meets all modern standards.
  • Solutions for bookmakers. The ready to use platform for the bookmaker’s office + various services that can be integrated into already existing businesses.
  • Online casino solutions. Online gambling software and services for Internet gambling.

Contact us and consult with our managers about choosing the right product for your business.


Specifications of our products and services

Infointsale gambling services are developed in line with the latest market trends. When choosing a suitable gambling software, we recommend you to consider the following specifications:

  • Slot games from world known providers. Nice visuals, animations, sound, and additional settings.
  • Back office. Fine-tune your equipment and manage settings remotely. Focus on promoting your business, and our software does the rest for you.
  • Brand new software. We offer only sought-after and popular products that will significantly increase the profitability of your business.
  • Safety. We are introducing the latest protection systems in our products in order to completely eliminate the possibility of hacking.
  • Payment systems. Our products are integrated with reliable online payment systems, including those that accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Referral and affiliate programmes. We offer various bonuses, specials, and promotions to keep players engaged.

We provide the most relevant and popular gaming systems that will make your business profitable. Each business representative can set up their online account, where you can view players’ actions and game stats, monitor equipment, and easily estimate your future income. Do you still have questions? Then consult with our operators and receive detailed offers and tips on our products.