Overview of Cameroon's Gambling Market


Cameroon is a relatively small country located on the Eastern coast of the African continent.

Gambling and betting are legal there, however, there is a lack of transparency and clear rules when it comes to regulation.

There are 3 land-based casino institutions in the country, in addition to several smaller gambling centers. A number of them operate in the grey zone. The greatest casino in Cameroon is currently Hilton Hotel Casino, which is based in Yaound√©. The other 2:  Le Meridien Hotel & Casino and Treasure Hunter casino are in Doula. Some sources claim that there are overall 115 slot machines and 14 tables in these 3 facilities, but there are far more slot machines in the illegal betting shops which are widely spread throughout the country. Most of these gambling and betting shops earn their profits from visitors that come to watch the unique landscapes of Cameroon and appreciate gambling.

Natives enjoy various kinds of gambling such as casinos, poker, and betting on sports. The last one seems to be the most popular form, especially football betting, and horseracing.

The very first part of the legislature in Cameroon was enacted in 1990, and after that, it had been altered in 2005. It introduced the 15 percent income tax on operators. But still, there is a blind spot concerning online gambling, it is largely unregulated and therefore attracted many unlicensed players to the market.  

Among the fundamental reasons for this can be the rates of internet penetration and access to the web among the population, they are rather low compared to countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. Approximately only 5 to 10 percent of Cameroonians have access to the web. However, as a result of continuous advancements and the spread of digital technologies, the number of users is constantly growing, generating a rapidly growing trend. Also, it is worth mentioning that there are more and more foreign online gambling projects accepting users from Cameroon!

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