Fast Live Games


Fast Life Game is a unique gaming system for betting that perfectly suits small venues. All games are provided in Full HD, and the system can be easily integrated into your online project.


  • Support of round-the-clock streams in real-time;
  • Compatibility with most popular games, including poker, keno, bingo, etc.;
  • An opportunity to place bets on the site online and in the betting shop;
  • Automatic check printing;
  • Automatic bet acceptance and payments;
  • Detailed stats on each game;
  • 24/7 technical support from the provider;
  • Optimized automatic operation;
  • Simple and convenient API.


  • Completely ready-to-use product, that can be quickly set up and launched in a short time frame;
  • Financial transparency;
  • Adjustable profit margin;
  • Convenient and functional admin panel;
  • Wast opportunities for fine-tuning;
  • Minimum investments;
  • Quick payback;
  • Customization in accordance with the owner’s preferences.


  • Multilingual product;
  • A large number of various settings, which make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible;
  • Can be synchronized with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android devices;
  • Easy to set up and use.
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An interactive gambling table by FLG

Roulette is a well-known trademark of every casino. We offer you a customized interactive product, which includes:

  • 4 seats;
  • Inbuilt bill acceptors
  • The HD quality of the games;
  • Intuitive and simple interface for staff members;
  • Adjustable bonus system.

The equipment doesn’t require any preparatory setup and can be controlled remotely.

The roulette software is automatically updated and is based on the White Label format.

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FLG – a gaming system for your projects

Fast Live Game is a gaming system for gambling halls and betting shops that will greatly increase the profitability of your business. The products allow to accept bets for keno, bingo, SicBo, roulette and other popular casino games. Clients of your venue or online project will appreciate instant win calculation, eye-pleasing graphics, and convenient interface, provided by the system.

FLG can be used both online and offline. The service is easy and cheap to install. We recommend using this system to all owners of small venues.

Advantages of Fast Live Game (FGL)

The system allows you to fine tune gameplay and financial parameters according to your goals and preferences. As a rightful developer of this software, we can customize it for your individual needs, which includes design and branding (white label).

The system is suitable for both offline and online projects. With the help of your specialists, you can quickly integrate the product into your project: casino, bookmaker office, etc. Quick games are the perfect choice to entertain your clients and keep them engaged. As an owner, you can independently use our keno software, bingo caller software, and other types of programs to make your project more diverse and attract more new players.


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