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online casino platform

Luckerhub is a universal ready-to-use online casino platform. You can customize all components and business processes, depending on your needs and requirements. Product is distributed via White Label turnkey casino solution, so you can use your own branding and choose gaming modules that you want.











  • Adaptability for all types of browsers;
  • Multicurrency and multilingual options for users from various countries;
  • Control of all components and internal settings;
  • Over 150+ embedded HTML5 slot games from leading brands;
  • Optional: bookmaker software, betting on horse racing, fast live-games in the casino;
  • Multistage protection against hacking and DDOS attacks, a comprehensive antifraud system;
  • Support for mobile devices and tablets;
  • Convenient and fast methods of depositing and withdrawing money.


  • White Label (your brand) will provide you with quick and convenient business development;
  • Bonus management, RTP, ready referral system;
  • Convenient back-end, transaction control, and user management;
  • Technical support online 24/7/365;
  • Automatic platform update;
  • Automate interaction with customers using messenger bots;
  • Convenient statistics, reporting, and analytics.
  • Reliable and uninterrupted operation, servers uptime 99.9%


  • Convenient tools to attract customers and agents;
  • Integration of various payment systems, including the acceptance of cryptocurrency;
  • Creating unique design and turnkey interface for the client;
  • User retention + loyalty programs;
  • Integration with popular messengers;
  • Casino launching and development consultancy.
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Luckerhub is a great turnkey online casino platform

In all respects, a profitable purchase of a turnkey casino from Luckerhub will be the best solution for those who want to start immediately with a ready-made business in the gambling. Our company Infointsale will help you almost instantly start making profits from your own online casino.

The turnkey casino solution we offer is good not only for its excellent interface but also for the set of necessary management tools.

The advantages of creating an online casino with our company

With our support, you can launch a casino that will bring you the benefit of smart technology solutions that are designed to meet the latest gambling industry demands.

  1. Quick start. In a short time, the entire casino functionality will be launched in the operating mode provided for your business. You do not need to spend weeks and months to debug business tasks.
  2. Simple control. The universal set of the casino operation to your standards and requirements is a real quest, where a businessman will have to face strategic and tactical tasks that will be quickly solved using our simple and accessible services.
  3. Ready business. You do not need to invest additionally, you can buy a casino, which is almost immediately installed in your online institution and brings financial profit from the moment of launch.
  4. Reliable supplier. We are a proven and certified supplier of software for the gambling business, where you can create a casino exclusively to your requirements and wishes, taking into account the trends of modern technologies and standards.
  5. Own brand. High-quality casino development from scratch and turnkey is an original solution where you can make your institution with a unique identity. You can choose a unique institution logo, name, or bring a new player to the gambling market, which will soon become a hit.
  6. Installing available payment systems. All your users can be confident in their transactions, as we integrate proven payment channels that ensure the secrecy of all transactions and guarantee the integrity of the transactions in an online casino, including replenishment and withdrawal of funds.
We help our clents open profitable online casinos

In record time, you get a ready business with our white label online casino. It is completely your online project, where you assign it your own unique name.

The format of creating and developing an online casino from our company provides for the following:

  • We conduct analysis and research of the gambling business market.
  • Elaboration of a business plan concept for your establishment.
  • Purchase and installation of software for online casinos.
  • Software integration under the requirements of the gambling business.
  • Launching a casino to work.

Ready-made online casino platform from Luckerhub is:

  • Multicurrency / Multilanguage
  • Implementation of several design solutions or design preparation for your request.
  • Integration of detailed analytics reporting systems for equipment management.
  • Install a huge number of slot games and popular live-games.
  • The ability to manage financial cloud software - jackpots, bonuses, setting credit limits.
  • Integrate detailed reporting for the business owner.
  • The ability to modify system percentage returns.
  • Intuitive and easy user interface management.
  • For 2 months, we provide free testing, there is a high percentage of return for the owner.
  • 24/7 technical management support.

We are ready to offer profitable software installation options, including with new options of payment systems based on cryptocurrencies. All our slots are written in HTML5, which ensures uninterrupted operation on all devices. Get help and free advice from our manager, who will help you create a casino which meets your requirements.

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