Telegram Casino

telegram casino

Telegram casino is a new and promising direction in online gambling. Order the development of your unique project in the popular messenger.

Mobility, adaptability, conciseness and, probably, the easiest way to organize your project in the market of betting and gambling with minimal investment.







  • Adaptation for all types of operating systems.
  • Multicurrency and multilingual for users from different countries.
  • Instant user registration and increased loyalty (uninterrupted access to your casino).
  • HTML5 slots of leading brands + betting software, betting on horse racing and fast live games in the casino on your site.
  • Telegram casino perfectly works both on mobile devices and in the desktop version.
  • Convenient and fast methods of depositing and withdrawing money for users directly from the messenger bot.


  • Ready business solution - working with our white label will provide you with a quick payback at the lowest cost.
  • Thanks to the reliable security channels of the Telegram messenger, additional protection against hacking is provided.
  • Convenient back-end, transaction control, user management, game setup, player control.
  • Technical support online 24/7/365.
  • Automatic software update for mobile applications and web versions.
  • Automation of the bot in Telegram simplifies the work and allows you to control every operation remotely.


  • Convenient tools for attracting customers and agents (referral programs).
  • The owner of the telegram bot controls the players' activities online, using a personal admin account.
  • Expansion of client base by attracting messenger users in different countries.
  • Integration of various payment systems, including the acceptance of cryptocurrency.
  • Creating a unique design and interface for a turnkey client.
  • User retention + loyalty programs. Push notifications, sending promotions directly to the messenger to customers.
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What is a Telegram Casino?

In recent years, Telegram Messenger has received unprecedented popularity and support from users due to its convenient functionality, speed and respect to data privacy. Our telegram bot complies with the stated parameters and will allow you to attract an audience from one of the most popular instant messengers. This bot gives tremendous opportunities to create your own casino due to high automation, good retention of users (push notifications from the messenger), convenient betting for clients on mobile devices.

We offer to quickly and relatively inexpensively develop your own Telegram Casino, which will be profitable and provide ample opportunities for the successful development of your company in the online gambling market. This is a promising direction, which is only now beginning to gain momentum. As a working model, we chose the standard White Label, which has successfully established itself and brings benefits to its owners.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have managed to achieve excellence and success in developing profitable Telegram casinos, which today have an effect both for start-up entrepreneurs and for those who feel confident in this direction. For those who have been working in the gambling industry for a long time, we offer to integrate your project with a telegram bot, so you will find an additional tool to promote and engage your users!

Set up your Telegram Casino and get the benefit with minimal investment

We are ready to offer you only the best conditions for cooperation. We have ready-made solutions for the creation and quick launch of the Telegram bot for the casino. If you already have a project, we can also connect it to a bot that will quickly work in both the mobile application and the desktop version. If necessary, we make improvements to the functionality and carry out a constant software update.

We help our clients and introduce only innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions for the development of your business. We provide technical and informational support 24/7/365


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