For agents

Our company has been operating in the market since 2008, and we have gained tremendous expertise in the gambling and betting field. We are represented in the South America, Asia, Africa - overall in more than 25 countries.

In order for us to effectively and quickly cover and launch new territories - we use an agent network. In these years we have accumulated a fairly extensive base of betting agents who distribute our products and form an image of our company in the eyes of potential customers.

Job responsibilities

  • Search for potential clients and suggest them software and services by Infointsale. Our company works in B2B sector so please note that you work only with our target audience: people who want to start a betting business or already run a betting shop!
  • After you connected a new operator you are entitled to a great lifetime % from the income of each agent who works with us.
  • Monitor and control your agents, receive money from them and transfer funds to our head company, based on our share.

Our requirements

  • Experience of administrating/running a betting shop or experience of working with PC
  • Desire to start earning as soon as possible. You don’t need to pay a setup fee or open a company! We will set you your personal admin panel, so you can see all the cash flow of betting shops and operators which are connected to you.
  • You only need laptop / pc and energetic approach to set up new agents and increase your earnings! After a while you will have a passive income from all your agents.
    If you have relevant experience or only taking the first steps in this area - we are ready to advise and provide you with opportunity to earn with us.

Partner relations

Our agents are our partners, we value openness and transparency in business relations:

  • High revshare % for you
  • Your own admin panel connected to accounts of your operators, you see all the data and statistics from them (turnover, popular products, etc.)
  • Technical and work related support 24/7
  • Marketing support (materials, instructions, presentations)
  • Ability to work anywhere in the world
  • Work schedule depends only on you

If you are interested in cooperating and want to become an independent betting agent for our company write to [email protected] and we will send you a letter with further information and instructions from us. Join us and start earning now!

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