Multifunctional Bookmaker Complex MBK777 is an innovative software for gambling halls, that includes the most popular video slot games from the world’s best providers, and many more.


  • Compatible with many languages and currencies;
  • Optimized for all types of equipment, including outdated ones;
  • Automatic bet acceptance, payments, and check printing;
  • Intuitive and functional admin panel;
  • High level of protection against of sorts of attacks and attempts of unauthorized access;
  • Frequent automatic updates of the system.


  • The product is ready-to-use and can be implemented into the existing business right away;
  • Quick payback;
  • Low cost of switching your equipment to the MBK777 system;
  • Transparent financial operations;
  • Adjustable RTP (return to player indicator);
  • Advantageous referral programme;
  • 24/7 technical support


  • The software is well-tested and compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux;
  • All games are available in HD quality;
  • Simple and intuitive API;
  • Compatibility with both gambling halls and terminals networks;
  • Supports of kinds of bill acceptors and dispensers.
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Time-tested software for gambling terminals

MBK777 is a unique white label gaming platform for gambling halls that supports various products: video slot games on the basis of HTML5 technology, bookmaker software, and quick games in online casinos.

We suggest you use this solution for several reasons. First of all, the system is completely ready-to-use as it is. Second of all, you, as an owner of a gambling business, can switch your equipment to the MBK777 system at a very low cost. Third of all, this system makes your financial operations transparent, and gives you full control over your agents and venues.

The technical side of the system allows the operator to customize its functionality according to your needs. For instance, you can:

  • Customize an admin panel (the system can support many different currencies and languages at the same time);
  • Adjust jackpots, cashback, cashier bonuses;
  • View detailed reports and stats for specific terminals;
  • Control permits for each type of devices;
  • Receive 24/7 assistance in setting up software.
Advantages of MBK777

The advantages of the platform are quite obvious: the White Label software allows to quickly set up a fully functional system under your brand’s name. Unfortunately, similar programs for gambling venues are not always cheap and provide quick payback. This is why MBK777 is a perfect option for gambling hall owners.

An administrator can independently manage risks by adjusting return to player ratio and bonus system. This can prove very useful in the early stages of business development, which is often associated with certain budget limitations. Moreover, a simple reporting system allows you to operate the business more efficiently and cut unnecessary expenses.

On top of that, the MBK777 goes with the 24/7 multilingual technical support by highly qualified specialists. You can be sure that all your questions and problems will be addressed in a timely and efficient fashion.


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