IIS-Lot is a safe and realible lotto software that meets all international standards. Launch your business in a short time frame with minimum investment!





  • The lottery system software has two auction modes, namely sale of goods and Inbytes (in-system currency);
  • Windows and Linux compatibility;
  • Terminal software for bill accepting and plastic card payments;
  • Online and offline gameplay with postponed sending of the player’s actions history;
  • Automatic updates of lotto software;
  • Remote control over business processes from any point of the world;
  • Several languages of operation and compatibility with various currencies. 


  • No need to fine tune the product with specialized equipment;
  • Easy set up on fully operational software;
  • Simple and convenient launch, all you need is Internet access;
  • Open and transparent financial reports system;
  • All software comes with detailed setup and operation manual.
  • 24/7 technical support from our best specialists;
  • Detailed stats and reports in personal account that can be viewed and downloaded at any time;
  • Real-time monitoring of working efficiency and activity reports


  • Make a profit off of lottery terminals in the Internet or real betting shops with our ready-to-use software;
  • For players, all auctions are conducted without the risk of loss;
  • You can set up a unified interface for all terminals, or create an individual interface for each of them. Meanwhile, all main settings will be saved for all equipment;
  • Convertible Inbyte currency: the users and owners can convert it into real goods or money;
  • Lottery terminals are the best alternative to video slot games in regions with strict regulatory policies.
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IIS-Lot is a perfect solution for any gambling business

You can count on quick return on your investments since the software doesn’t require any expensive equipment, and the maintenance is completely free.

IIS-Lot comes with an easy to understand manual, so even an inexperienced user will be able to independently set up a terminal. The manual is available in several languages, which means that our products can be used in any point of the world.

The owner of the software can control each piece of equipment through the personal account, as well as view reports and monitor the state of each individual terminal.

How our lottery auction works

The unique lottery terminal software IIS-Lot is primarily used in self-service terminals. The software includes auctions with 12, 13 and 14 lots, each with a unique design and in-system currency (Inbyte). The duration of one auction can vary from few seconds to several minutes and depends on a total number of participants for proper distribution.

The system can only be used by real players who have made real bets. Since a huge number of players can take part in the auction at the same time, all bets between them are played instantly, based on the existing base.

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